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The AKX workout was born from a simple idea... Let's combine our energetic kickboxing experience with the most progressive fitness concepts in the fitness industry. If you are searching for: fitness kickboxing near me or kickboxing near me, then look no further. The results have been unreal! From bag work to burpees, kicking to A.M.R.A.P., knockout sets to core training, our members CAN'T GET ENOUGH. We also have real-time fitness kickboxing tracking on our HUGE AKX monitors. This way you can see your progress while you work out. Are you a beginner? Don't sweat it, our program is designed for all members from all kickboxing fitness levels.

Why AKX Kickboxing?

Kickboxing fitness is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise among adults today. It's an exciting, fast-paced workout that is perfect for building cardiovascular endurance, physical strength and toning muscles. Combined with the most progressive workouts in the fitness industry, the AKX Kickboxing program is one that keeps members coming back.

You're so worth it!

If you're looking for an explosive, high-energy, TOTAL BODY workout that will burn calories and whip you into the best shape of your life, then AKX Fitness Kickboxing in Marlton, NJ is right for you. This Fitness Kickboxing program combines rocking music with exciting drills, weight training and so much more!

With so many things calling our attention, it is very easy to lose focus and purpose in our daily lives. Sadly we lose focus on the most important thing of all ...OURSELVES. If we are not happy, healthy or motivated, it is impossible to do so for others. Fitness Kickboxing Program enforces focus, concentration and are invigorating. You'll look back and smile remembering when you searched for kickboxing near me on your smart phone.

Let's get mobile

Let's face it. Everyone is on the go and on their mobile device. As an AKX fitness kickboxing member, you'll have access to our customized app. Your app will track results, progress, goals, diet and more. We love our members and want them to succeed on and off of the training floor. The app is simple, seamless and made just for you! You've taken the first step by searching kickboxing fitness near me. Get excited and jump into that first class.

Fitness Kickboxing Near Me...

Your AKX Kickboxing Marlton NJ experience goes beyond the training floor with personalized FITNESS TRACKING! That's right. During class, you'll be able to see your HEART RATE and how many CALORIES you're burning on our AKX monitors. You guessed it. There's more. After every AKX class, you'll receive an email outlining you're progress. You'll have every tool you need to stay focused and continue crushing those PR's!

Experience our culture!

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned fitness pro, AKX will push you to the next level! If you're asking, where are the best fitness kickboxing classes near me, then look no further. Intense bag work, boxing gloves, plyo-boxes and weights combined with the most MOTIVATING trainers in the industry are all you need to hit those PR's DAY IN and DAY OUT. If you are looking for the atmosphere, trainers and facility to take your TRANSFORMATION to a whole new level, then look no further. AKX has heard to screams, goals and ambitions of our members. We've put everything you'll need to CRUSH those fitness plateaus without feeling hostage to a big box gym. You'll never look at fitness kickboxing classes the same




Morgan Moss

I feel stronger, healthier and more vibrant. Every class is energetic. I love everything about AKX Kickboxing!